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How to play MineSweeper ?

You must clear this minefield. To do this, it has been split into squares MineSweeper Square that can contain either a single mine MineSweeper Mine or none. Initially, mines, buried, are obviously not visible.

To win, you need to find the location of all mines.

To achieve this goal, you will be able to take knowledge of the number of mines in the immediate neighborhood of a square by clicking on it and provided that it is empty. If ever you click on a square containing a mine, it explodes MineSweeper Explosion and you lose.

It is possible to plant a flag MineSweeper Flag to mark an assumed location of a mine by doing a right click. Second right click will place a question mark MineSweeper Question Mark.

If the clicked square is empty, all adjacent empty squares will recursively open.

To win, there should not be any mines incorrectly marked with a flag. On the other hand, it is not necessary to mark all mines to finish; you just need to determine all of the empty squares.

The left counter indicates the number of mines remaining to score.
The right counter displays the number of seconds elapsed.

A click on the Smiley MineSweeper New Game starts a new game.



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